Common Questions About Hair Extensions Answered

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are available in many different types, costs, and application methods. The following article addresses common questions about hair extensions, including the types, price, and maintenance. Learn more about hair extensions to make an informed decision about the best treatment for your hair. Also, be sure to check out the Misinformation about Hair Extensions.

Maintenance of hair extensions

There are several different ways to maintain hair extensions. Some are human, while others are synthetic. Human strands can be brushed, straightened, and dyed. Synthetic strands, on the other hand, cannot be styled and should not be brushed or dyed. The process of caring for hair extensions requires some special care.

The first step in caring for your extensions is to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. These will prevent your extensions from becoming dry and dull. It is also important to choose products that contain no sulfates, as these can damage the bond. Also, avoid using shampoos and conditioners that strip the color and essential oils from your hair. Instead, use light and non-sulfate shampoos and conditioners that are gentle enough to be gentle on your extensions.

To keep your extensions looking beautiful, visit your hair extension fitter at least every six weeks to have them maintained. Keeping up with these appointments will help to keep your extensions looking great and prevent them from getting tangled and damaged.

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